Communications from Interested Parties

The Board will give appropriate attention to written communications that are submitted by interested parties, and will respond if and as appropriate. Our Secretary is primarily responsible for monitoring external communications from interested parties and for providing copies or summaries to the directors as she considers appropriate.

Communications are forwarded to all directors if they relate to important substantive matters and include suggestions or comments that our Secretary and Chairman of the Board consider to be important for the directors to know. In general, communications relating to corporate governance and long-term corporate strategy are more likely to be forwarded than communications relating to ordinary business affairs, personal grievances and matters as to which we tend to receive repetitive or duplicative communications. Communications may be submitted confidentially or anonymously.

Interested parties who wish to send communications on any topic to the Chairman of the Board, the independent or non-management directors, or the Board as a whole should address such communications to the applicable party or parties in writing: c/o Secretary, Oscar Health, Inc., 75 Varick Street, 5th Floor, New York, New York 10013.